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Bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy?

Subprime options

If you listen to other dealers, there are a ton of pitfalls in your car history that can threaten to derail your plans to buy a car. Don’t let less-than-perfect credit deter you.

Here at All American Motors, we believe that no matter what turns up — whether it’s no credit on your record, a history of late payments, previous repos, or even bankruptcy — there’s a subprime lending option out there to suit your unique needs, at an interest rate that works for you.

We put people in cars every day just like you who came into our dealership saying things like:

  • “I’ve never borrowed money or even owned a credit card”
  • “I didn’t know that I could be approved for a loan after my bankruptcy”
  • “I thought my low credit score meant I have to take the bus for the rest of my life”

To see if you qualify for special subprime financing, complete our online pre-approval form. We have the experience and drive necessary to come up with a financing solution that fits.