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It pays to trade-in your car to All American Motors

You’ll instantly reduce the amount of money you need to finance your next car — meaning lower car payments for you.

You’ll lower the purchase price of the car you buy, which automatically decreases your Washington state sales tax.

Your trade-in bumps up your down payment amount, and that may help us find additional financing options for you.

You’ll save a ton of time and avoid the hassle of advertising your car and trying to sell it privately.

The problem with selling a car by yourself

Thinking about selling your car privately instead of trading it in? A few things to consider:

It may take a while. And you’ll continue to pay your car insurance, taxes, and loan until you finally sell it.

Your efforts may not pay off. After all the headaches, time, and expense, you may not get the price you want.

Get ready for some wasted time. You’ll be seeing a lot of people who may or may not be serious buyers.

It’s not a fast way to get cash. It could take weeks or months to find a buyer.

There’s a price to pay. You’ll have to fix cosmetic and mechanical problems, and you’ll also have to pay to advertise your sale.

There’s no privacy. You’ll have to be okay with letting strangers onto your property.

It’s risky. No one is comfortable letting strangers test drive their car.

You could be on the hook. If the deal goes bad, there’s no recourse.