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Preparing for Rain - What to Double Check Before Driving

Preparing for Rain – What to Double Check Before Driving

Harsh weather can make driving a dangerous task, so it’s always good to be fully prepared before hitting those wet, slippery roads. While there are many cautionary steps you can take towards preparing your car for a rainy drive, some can prevent some real, extreme damage that could possibly take place; double checking these certain aspects can allow you and your vehicle to be fully prepared during a heavy drizzle.

Driving in the rain may sometimes take a toll on your vehicle’s tire tread, as more traction is needed in order for your wheels to work through the conditions. Make sure to check your tire tread beforehand, looking out for at least 4/32” of tread; there are many methods towards achieving this inspection, but simply using a tread depth gauge can help you measure how much tread your tires have.

With heavy rain comes big amounts of pressure changes within your car’s tires. Because the risk of this can lead to a sudden flat or blown out tire, take the proper precautions in double-checking that your tires have the required or recommended level of air, according to your car’s manual. It’s recommended that this be done monthly in order to keep your car safe and prepared, so keeping an accurate pressure gauge in your car at all times can definitely come in handy.

Weather changes can also heavily affect your car’s battery, especially in colder atmospheres. Make sure to either check the battery on your own or have it tested by a professional before heading out on a long drive in the rain; this can, not only keep the battery working properly on the road, but prevent faulty car startup in those freezing cold, rainy mornings.

Some of us disregard the motto that tells us to rather be safe than sorry, but making sure your car is safe and fully prepared beforehand can save a lot of time and possible struggle. Try focusing more on your car’s maintenance throughout the year instead of waiting for something faulty to occur; you’ll be glad you did in the long run!