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Shopping for Used Cars? Don't Forget These 5 Small Details

Shopping for Used Cars? Don’t Forget These 5 Small Details

Purchasing a used car can be quite complex and confusing. There are so many used cars to choose from, the car sales associate may be pushy, and you have to keep an eye out for so many different things that it can be overwhelming. To take the stress out of buying used cars for sale, keep this list of things to look out for in mind when you head to the pre-owned dealerships.

  1. Check the car’s form. You will make to make sure the car is on level ground before you give it a thorough inspection. This will not only tell you about the condition of the tires, but you will be able to see if there is anything sagging from the car’s body.
  2. Look carefully at the car’s paint job to see if there are any rust spots, dents, or scratches. A lot of rust in one area might mean that the car has had water damage, so this should raise some red flags.
  3. Is the car certified pre-owned? If you are looking into buying a vehicle that is less than five years old, look for a car dealership that specialized in certified pre-owned cars. Not only are these cars generally in better shape than their counterparts, they are certified to be in proper condition. With these cars, you won’t have any surprises, and you will always get a CARFAX report showing you any damage that might have happened under the previous owner.
  4. Don’t forget to check the trunk. It should be in great condition, meaning it should not have any rust spots or cracks that allow water in. Remember, a worn trunk signifies a worn car.
  5. Inspect the tires. They should match and have even wear, which shows signs of a good tire rotation. There should also be no feathering on the tire. If you notice pieces of the tire falling off in strips, the car could be suffering from a bad alignment.

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